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CrossFit Lake Forest is a top provider of specialized health and fitness services in the North Shore area. Our coaching staff is highly decorated in not only HIIT, but Olympic lifting, power lifting, and nutrition. Whether your aim is to lose that stubborn body fat, improve your diet, train for a marathon, or just feel better in your day-to-day life, we can help. One goal of our community is to make every person from any walk of life comfortable in our gym.  Sign up and try your first class for free!

Over 6500 sq Feet

Whether you are taking class, open gym, doing physical therapy, or supplemental training, CrossFit Lake Forest has all the equipment you need. We have Rogue Echo bikes, Concept 2 Rowers and Ski ergs, Squat racks, Pull up Rigs, GHD machines,  benches with incline or flat, dumbbells, kettlebells, torque and traditional sleds, slam balls, wall balls, and more! Plus if you are on a tight schedule we have a shower for members post workout. You won’t just find like new equipment either, you’ll find a gym to call your home.


CrossFit Kids and Teens

Personal Training

CrossFit Lake Forest is located just outside of the city of Lake Forest, Illinois.

The gym is tucked away, off of Waukegan road on North Shore Drive, which is located on the east side of Waukegan Road in just south of Route 176. If you do not have a mode of transportation, there is also a Pace Bus stop that runs and will let you out next door to the gym. As a reminder, our main doors are in the back of the building along with parking. Please make sure to head to the back and enter through either the door to the left, or the large bay door if open. 

Crossfit Lake Forest

960 N Shore Dr
Lake Bluff, Illinois 60044

I love this gym! It’s a large, clean facility with welcoming, supportive members. I appreciate the wide selection of class times and equipment that is offered!

    Ashley A.

This is such a great gym! As far as the crossfit classes go -the instruction is exceptional!! The other classes (boot camp with cardio types and endurance) bring in lots of variety! All of the coaches are approachable and truly want to help you be your best! Great people, great community! Give it a try, you won’t regret it!!

Kathy Kujawa Luaces

Great new facility, with fantastic coaching whether you’re a new or experienced cross-fitter!

Matt Penar

First and foremost, I was really nervous and reluctant about doing CrossFit and after going for the first time back in early August, I was hooked forever. I was extremely impressed by the community environment and everyone on the management team. Andi and Marty treated me like I belonged there from day one and the coaching staff is top notch. Coach Paul does a phenomenal job at programming challenging classes and always takes each athlete’s skill into consideration. No one gets left behind. We moved from a very small facility and although it was well thought out and organized it’s really encouraging and inspiring to see the investment in our new facility and see our community of wonderful athletes grow all the time! Come join our community and have fun while being healthy!!

Tom Crawford

My husband and I just love Crossfit Lake Forest. Cross fit challenges me everyday in a good way. Andi and the coach are amazing and really care about your health and fitness goals and work with you to meet them. The community is fantastic and so supportive. They celebrate small as well as big successes each and every day. My husband and I love that we are getting stronger everyday and having fun while we do it!

Michele Hanno Kellerman

CrossFit was a new endeavor for me and I am happy to say that CrossFit Lake Forest provided me the best fitness experience I’ve had in a while. Coming from Orange Theory, CrossFit pushed to performance levels I hadn’t been to before. Thank you for that and thank you to all the coaches for supporting and helping me reach my fitness and health goals! 

Giancarlo Falconi


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